Frequently Asked Questions

What does MUSIBATTY (moo-see bah-tee) mean? 

I inherited a unique visual and creative language from my parents, which is why I named my creative self in their honor, joining their last names: Musi and Batty (my first name is Jennifer). My mother, Julia Batty, is a British-American textile artist. My father, Jorge Musi, is a Mexican-Lebanese architect. MUSIBATTY is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of my ancestors.

What is your jewelry made of?

For my one of a kind pieces I use 100% recycled sterling silver extracted from photographic processes. My cast collection was made with brass and nickel-free bronze. I obtain an aged finish by oxidizing each piece, and then polishing it by hand, so only the recessed areas remain dark.

How do you make your jewelry? 

I begin with simple line drawings to explore possibilities. I have notebooks filled with ideas. When I am at my work bench, I ask: what am I exited to make today? I only  make jewelry that I would wear. This gives me a sense of urgency when I begin, because I can hardly wait to see what the piece will look like when it's on. This curiosity fuels my work.

I build each item by hand, using traditional forging and soldering techniques. I work alone in my studio, located in the colorful neighborhood of Coyoacán in Mexico City. 

My jewelry studio is simple: a tall work table, a chef and plumber’s torch, a Foredom tool, steel punches, hammers and saws. 

Do you repeat jewelry pieces that have sold? 

I don't. When I explore new designs, I remain more present to my creative process and my work stays fresh and vital.

Where can I buy your jewelry? 

I sell everything I make in my online shop, and I ship to most parts of the world using registered post. Some pieces sell as soon as I post them, others take longer. If you want me to email you the minute I add a new item to my shop, please sign up here.

Do you make special orders? 

Not anymore. I have lots of new ideas that I want to explore!

Do you sell wholesale?

Not at the moment. I love meeting my customers directly in my online shop.

Are your rings adjustable? 

All of my rings are adjustable (unless I specify otherwise in a listing in my Etsy shop). However, for a ring to fit well it should only be adjusted up to half a size, which is why I cut your ring to fit you perfectly. If you need help figuring out your size, please follow these instructions.

How do I care for my MUSIBATTY jewelry? 

Please be gentle with your jewelry! It is handmade and can damage easily if it is knocked around, especially if it falls against a hard surface.

When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep it in the felt bag included in your purchase. Silver, brass and bronze tarnish when they come into contact with air, storing your jewelry delays this process.

If a piece has tarnished, rub it with the dry polishing cloth that came with your purchase and it will regain its sheen. Avoid using polishing solutions, as they will remove the darkened finish. Darkened sterling silver, brass and bronze will lighten and polish with use due to abrasion, but the recessed areas will remain dark.

What advice would you give to creative entrepreneurs?

My advice is to be constant, to approach your work with curiosity, and to have a deep connection with what you make. Your work will communicate that dedication and sincere interest to others. This connection is what makes work memorable and unique, and in my opinion, it is the only work worth making.

I'd also suggest that you share your work and your creative process with others as soon as possible. It will always be scary, and you will never be ready. Telling the story of who you are, what you do and why you do it, will inform and add value your finished work, and will inspire those around you.