Jewelry can be interesting and deeply moving.

We have a great opportunity as artists to express our unique voice in this medium.

Life is enriched by talismans made with heartfelt designs and lasting materials.

Jewelry can be a statement of authenticity, quality and beauty.

My work is an investigation of a personal visual language.

My intention is to make jewelry that is emotionally charged and full of life.

All of my decisions are based on making better work.

I charge what I need to in order to create my best work and use quality materials.

I honor my solitude and creative space.

I don’t make pieces to sell, although I do sell everything I make.

I leave the marks and imperfections made during the hand-building process to enrich the finished piece.

I only make what I would wear.

I use fine, recycled metals that have a low impact on the planet, age beautifully, and last for generations.

My calling is to do the best work I can, and share that process with others.

I share what is meaningful, interesting and inspiring, what will form a deep connection with myself and with others. 

Everything I write comes from my heart.