Full Metal Beauty

Handmade by Jennifer Musi in Mexico City


I am Jennifer Musi and I make powerful, one of a kind jewelry.


Find my latest creations in my online shop on Etsy. I add new pieces each week.


Follow my creative path and learn about the stories that inspire my work.

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Home Studio

I live in a modern apartment in the Roma neighborhood in Mexico City. The area is alive with trees, parks, restaurants, and galleries. My studio has a high ceiling, is full of light, and has a view to a beautiful patio. It is the perfect place to create.



Every piece of jewelry begins with a drawing

I always carry a notebook. I've learnt that most ideas are worth exploring, so I capture them with a simple line drawing that I can later interpret into a three dimensional piece. 


I only use100% recycled sterling silver 

I construct each piece of jewelry using traditional forging and soldering techniques. My raw materials are sterling silver sheet and wire recycled from X-rays and photographic processes. 


Online Shop

I sell every piece I make in my online shop on Etsy, where you can safely pay with any bank card using Paypal. I add new –one of a kind– pieces each week, and ship to most parts of the world via registered post.


Favorite items from my shop


Every idea, as it takes shape


Visit my online journal to read the stories that inspire my work, learn from my creative challenges, and see how each idea develops into a finished piece of jewelry.


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    Drawing is an important part of my creative process

    Ideas that are too complex to make into jewelry become drawings. I use silver ink on black paper to emphasize lines and play with positive and negative space.