I was recently asked to what I attribute the growth of my business. 

I think I was fortunate from the start. I have loving and encouraging parents who are artists and self-starters. They taught me to follow my own path, to be organized and disciplined, and to treat others with respect. They created a harmonious home and provided me with an excellent bi-cultural education.

I was also lucky to be born in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. Mexico feeds my imagination in many ways, from the diversity of its architecture, to its variety of culinary and artistic traditions, to the joyfulness of its people. This is a country that improvises. You do what you can with what you have, and in that process you become creative.

Throughout my life I’ve had teachers who inspired me to study the history of art and the work of other artists. I did so in college, and afterwards in museums and galleries across the world. Now that I am more sedentary, I continue my education through art books. This has broadened my vision and has made me want to be part of the ongoing conversation.

My impulse to create comes from a deep need for personal expression rather than as a way to make money. I only make pieces that stir my imagination. This keeps me away from trends and gives my work an emotional connection. 

As an artist, I’ve had to believe in myself in order to do what I love and share my work with others. I am perseverant and experiment constantly. I learn and grow from everything I do: when I draw, construct a piece of jewelry, style, model, take pictures, build a website, write blog posts, and interact with those of you who appreciate my work. 

I have been blessed to meet generous and kind people who supported my work from the start, and continue to do so today. I cherish these relationships and hold them close to my heart.