I’ve had many losses in the past couple of years. My dark hair. My father’s health. My favorite uncle. My childhood. The original giddy enthusiasm for my work. My blind trust in a higher power that loves and guides me. My belief in destiny. The feeling that anything I want is possible if I set my mind to it. The certainty that I have all the time I need. My sense of magic and synchronicity. 

All of this has left a hollow feeling in my chest that physically hurts. Like a punching bag that has taken too many blows. Exhausted and hunched over, I give up. I can’t do this alone. I refuse to give up on la la land. Being reasonable has made me grow up, but it has also left me weary and without super powers. Who am I, if I can’t have a rich inner world of make-believe? 

Found necklace.
Handmade with labradorite and recycled sterling silver.