Here is a gift. I discovered it in Martha Beck's book, Finding your Way in a Wild New World, which I love.

Hand-Sensing Exercise by Eckart Tolle, from his book A New Earth.

Close your eyes and hold out your hand.

Allow yourself to feel your hand.

Ask yourself how – without touching anything, without moving your hand and without looking at your hand – you can know that your hand is still there.

Your mind might say it knows it's there, because it was just there a minute ago.

But there is another way of knowing. You can feel the inside of your hand, a subtle sense of warmth or tingling.

This is the subtle sense of aliveness.

If your mind wanders, just return your attention to feel the sensations in your hand.

This hand sensing exercise brings your awareness to the present moment. Do this exercise whenever you can to get in touch with your inner sense of aliveness. 

This inner sense of aliveness is your own conscious presence, your being-ness, the you that you really are, beneath your thinking and beyond your story.

The quality of my life has improved greatly since I began this practice a few months ago. I hope you can try it!

Presence pendant.
Handmade with recycled sterling silver.
Soon in my online shop.