Origami Totem

I recently had the pleasure to read the interview Elizabeth Gilbert gave Tom Waits for GQ Magazine. 

In my favorite part, Tom Waits talks about how his children have enriched his creative process, and recalls a time when his daughter helped him write a song. 

"We were on a bus coming to L.A. and it was really cold outside. There was this transgender person –to be politically correct– standing on a corner wearing a short little top with a lot of midriff showing, a lot of heavy eye makeup and dyed hair, and a really short skirt. And this guy, or girl, was dancing all by himself. And my little girl saw it and said, "It must be really hard to dance like that when you're so cold and there's no music."

Origami Totem.
Handmade with labradorite and 100% recycled sterling silver.
Soon in my online shop.