I tend to have lucid dreams in which fears that are usually at the back of my mind act out as characters. In my latest dream, I am visiting an old amusement park made of mud and rock. I used to visit it when I was younger to play in the shallow pools, hiding treasures in stone temples. 

Now I am there with Abhaya and we are given a tour. The place seems slightly different, but not much, except that things move around as I look at them. Bits of land turn into islands and float away, and shrines slide off walls. One contains a weathered Nintendo console I once hid, but it drifts off as soon as I recognize it. 

For fun, I decide to jump off a cliff into a deep pool, but as I fall and fall and fall I wonder why I never reach the water. The guide tells me I am not really falling. I am on a platform that is simulating a fall through virtual reality technology. I am perplexed. The world is no longer as I know it.

Relic bracelet.
Handmade with natural turquoise and 100% recycled sterling silver. 
Soon in my online shop.