It has been six months of absence.

Musibatty has gone through a process of profound transformation. As an artist, as a woman and as a human being I have had to go down to the depths of my roots and rethink fundamental aspects of myself.

This life is a journey of discovery, not only of the world, but of ourselves. And this last part is, perhaps, the most difficult, because it confronts us with our broken and wounded parts. We all have the option of making that trip to the dark side of our mind, but few are willing to do so. It is understandable, because it hurts. But for some of us, especially those who insist on making art, it is indispensable.

The subject of art is the very essence of the artist. There is no other way to do it. And if, as an artist, I want to offer the world something authentic, something valuable, something that aspires to be called real art, nobody could save me these months of introspection.

Because of that, I have had to be absent. But also for that, now I must return.

Musibatty returns, but no longer as a signature for ornamental art, but as a signature of deep art. Of the kind of art that aims to show us the most intimate twists and turns of a person's soul. That is my commitment with myself and with you, to create art that opens doors to a different appreciation of the world. At least, that will be my intent.

I hope that this road, this life, this work will offer you and me new visions, new symbols, new interpretations of what life is and what we are in this changing and surprising world that we have inherited from the hands of the cosmos.

Welcome back to the Musibatty experience. Thanks for still being here, I'm glad we can meet again.