My Jewelry Box

When I began to make jewelry six years ago, I rarely liked what was available, and the pieces I did appreciate were beyond my budget. As a creative self starter, the obvious solution was to make my own designs.

After experimenting for a year, I began to develop a distinctive voice as a jeweler, and decided to try to make a living selling my work. From the start I used sterling silver –which is expensive– so I rarely kept anything I made. As soon as I sold a piece, I turned around and bought enough silver to make the next. In this way, I grew my business, and eventually made enough money to make jewelry that I could keep.

When I decided to make a cast collection and replicate my best pieces, I had to keep the original in sterling silver in case the rubber mold was ever damaged. And so, my personal jewelry collection kept growing.

Now, I rarely leave my house unadorned. I feel protected and powerful when I wear my jewelry. Every piece in my collection has polished with time, and like old tools that are given good use, they become more beautiful with wear.

People ask me if I find it hard to let go of my work. If I knew that the piece I just made would be my last, I would certainly keep it. But I hope to live a long and productive life, and the pleasure I get from creating my work is greater than the one I obtain from wearing it. I also confess that every now and then I can't resist making myself something I love.