Intersection: Art and Life

My friend Kevin Wallace, art advocate, author, and director of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, recently published, Intersection: Art and Life, an important and beautiful book that reminds us why we thrive when art is part of our life.

The book features over 280 images and insights from 150+ contemporary artists, including Beatrice Wood.

I am honored that he included my work!

From the inside cover:

“Throughout history, art was naturally intertwined with people’s daily lives: a vessel for water, a carving to record a war, objects to capture religion and identity.

But today art can seem very separate from our lives, and, as our society careens its way through change and conflict, it may seem increasingly irrelevant. This book is about what your daily life is missing if you’re disconnected from art and how you can fix it”.

Muna is Back!

Thank you for your warm welcome! I am moved and uplifted by your loving messages. It's great to be back with my tribe!

I know many of you have missed her, so here is magnificent Muna!

She’s now 11 months old, still a lively kitten, and a great companion. She likes to cuddle, but only after we’ve played for a long time. She's brave and smart and loves to chase the ball. She looks black, but the root of her fur is white, which is why I call her Muna-Bear!

Taller Experimental de Cerámica

I recently visited the Taller Experimental de Cerámica, which is a few blocks from my home in Coyoacán.

The studio was founded in the 1960's by stoneware pioneer, Alberto Díaz de Cossío. If you have been to Mexico City, and love great Japanse food, you have probably seen their dinnerware in some of the best restaurants in town.

As well as their utilitarian production, Alberto and his daughter, Adriana, create unique art works which are also for sale in their studio shop. Each year, they celebrate an open house with friends, quesadillas, and mezcal. 

Diego Rivera's Studio

I took these pictures of Diego Rivera's home and studio a few years ago. It is one of my favorite buildings in Mexico City. The day I visited, the property had been recently renovated and looked particularly striking.

The two buildings were designed by Juan O'Gorman in the 1930's. The white and orange structure was Diego's, and the smaller blue house was Frida's. They lived and worked here for six years, after their three-year stay in the US. 

When Frida's father passed away, she returned to live in her childhood home, the now famous Blue House, in Coyoacán.

Diego painted most of his easel paintings in this studio, and he lived here until his death in 1957.

The property is now a museum. You can see pictures of what it looks like on the inside, on the museum's website.

Thank you!

The best gift life brings me, is the opportunity to create from a space of love and peace. You are part of this gift, which I cherish dearly.

Thank you for the love you send my way, and for encouraging my daily exploration of forms that embody my deepest dreams.

I could not imagine a better path, and I send you my heartfelt gratitude for allowing me to wander and bring treasures from my inner journey.

May life bless you every minute with joy, beauty, and inspiration!

Wholesome Delights

My sister, Vanessa Musi, is an amazing pastry Chef.

After 25 years of teaching and honing her craft, she has blessed us with her first recipe ebook in Spanish that includes 18 of her best creations. It is now on sale on her website.

Her easy-to-make recipes include muffins, cookies, cakes and brownies. Some recipes are gluten free, others grain free, vegan and low sugar.

Your body, soul, and loved ones will thank you for baking such wholesome delights!

Fábrica Social: 10 Years

Last night, my dear friends at Fábrica Social celebrated their 10 year anniversary at Espacio Horizontal, in the Colonia Roma.

Dulce Martínez and Daniela Gremion empower 148 women artisans from indigenous communities across Mexico with fair access to market, and design workshops that allow them to explore their creativity and continue to create their beautiful textiles.

We protect rural indigenous times, rhythms, spaces and customs so that they continue to exist, and with them the traditional textile techniques of the women artisans who create them each day.
— Fábrica Social

It was a treat to see samples from Fábrica's current and past collections, next to the raw materials, natural dyes, and weaving techniques the women use to create them. The best part was meeting the artists in person. Some travelled to Mexico City from Chiapas, Hidalgo and Oaxaca for the first time.

I am a huge fan of this project and I love every piece I own. I hope you get to see their work in person one day, they have two gorgeous shops in Mexico City. In the meantime, check out their Etsy shop and fall in love with their work on Instagram and  Facebook. 

Texture. Color. Stories that are told in every piece.
— Fábrica Social

Silkscreen Love

I just picked up my new business cards from Imprenta Yzta, a family owned business has been around for 45 years. Their customer service is wonderful, and I love the handmade quality of their silkscreened cards.

If you are in Mexico City, you can find them at Felix Parra 80, Col. San José Insurgentes. Their number is 5598-5008.