This sultan/cat has taught me to love myself more. She is a master of play, tenderness and grace.

Muna is Back!

Thank you for your warm welcome! I am moved and uplifted by your loving messages. It's great to be back with my tribe!

I know many of you have missed her, so here is magnificent Muna!

She’s now 11 months old, still a lively kitten, and a great companion. She likes to cuddle, but only after we’ve played for a long time. She's brave and smart and loves to chase the ball. She looks black, but the root of her fur is white, which is why I call her Muna-Bear!


The first thing I see when I walk into my apartment. 

Three and a Half Months

Muna is now three and a half months old. She thinks she has seen it all. 

Two Weeks with Muna

Muna has been here for two weeks and I am in awe of her.

I chose a cat because of their independent nature, but it turns out that angora kittens are more like puppies. Muna follows me everywhere I go, and plays with everything. Every time I throw her string "mouse" into the next room, she brings it back so that the game can continue.

She loves dark holes, and at night, she crawls under the covers to sleep next to my feet. How she manages to breathe down there is a mystery...

Her favorite activity is to watch me clean her litter box. As soon as I crouch down to clean it, she crawls up my back, sits on my shoulder, and observes as I pass the shovel through the sand. As soon as I finish, she leaps into the box and rolls around in total bliss (followed by much brushing and wet wipes).


Meet Muna (pronounced moon-aah). Her name is a mix of moon in English, and luna in Spanish. She arrived today, and has already captured my heart (and the lens).

She is a two and a half month old Angora. Awake, she springs around the apartment like a baby goat, then turns super cuddly when tired.

I have no idea how I will get any work done with Muna around. She is way too cute!

P.S. Expect lots of kitty pictures from now on!